Na végre Pöttinger!

Sok magyar gazdálkodó elvárása teljesül, mivel a Pöttinger az olasz MaterMacc Spa megvásárlásával bővíti termékei portfólióját.
Ezzel kiegészül a vetőgépek modern és precíziós technológiájának gépkínálata, amely lépést az Agrár Élet Magazin szakemberei közel egy évtizede már javasolták.
A szemenkénti vetőgépek hazai piacán tehát tovább élesedik a verseny, amely a minőség irányába mutat.
Az akvizíció november 7-én zárult le.

Pöttinger complements its product portfolio for modern arable farming through the acquisition of the Italian manufacturer MaterMacc Spa. The existing range of seed drills is thus expanded to include precision seeding technology. The purchase was completed on November, 7th, 2022.

MaterMacc Spa., based in San Vito al Tagliamento in northern Italy, is known for precision seeding technology, mechanical and pneumatic seeding technology, chopping technology and other OEM components. The products, the passion for agriculture, the location and above all the workforce complement each other very well and show many parallels to the family business Pöttinger. In addition, Pöttinger is focused on finding new technologies for its established markets. The Austrians have set themselves the goal of utilising synergies to further develop existing technologies while meeting their high standards.

MaterMacc currently employs around 80 persons. Pöttinger relies on continuity and will acquirethe entire staff and factory, thus utilising existingexperience. The further plans are that for the time being the brand, sales, service network and the spare parts supply will remain the same. However, Pöttinger will contribute its know-how in the best possible way in order to achieve the usual success in the new segments. MaterMacc’s existing customers will continue to have access to the trustedservice and support.

“With this acquisition we have taken another step towards a successful future. The innovative products for modern agriculture and the passion of the people at MaterMacc fit perfectly into the world of Pöttinger,” states Gregor Dietachmayr, the speaker of the executive board.