Goodbye Condor lV, hello Condor V (angol)


The last Condor IV produced by Agrifac this week has left the building!


This week the last Condor IV left the Agrifac factory in Steenwijk in a festive manner. There is not much to worry about, because the successor is already ready for this extremely successful self-propelled sprayer.

With more than 500 units produced and sold in more than 20 countries worldwide, from Europe to Australia and North America, the Condor IV has proven to be a particularly successful generation.

This generation of Condor IV consisted of several models and versions. In addition to the richly executed standard version, this generation consisted of versions such as the Condor ClearancePlus, which is characterised by an adjustable ground clearance of 130 – 200 cm, the Condor WideTrackPlus with an adjustable track width between 225 and 300 cm and the MountainMasterPlus, which can level on steep slopes.

The production of the Condor IV was started in 2015.

The successor of this generation has already come off the starting blocks. This new generation of Condor sprayers will be produced from January 1 in the most sustainable factory in the Netherlands, which was festively opened two years ago.

In addition to the Condor, Agrifac also produces the Condor Endurance, a capacity sprayer with a 8,000 l. tank, and the LightTraxx beet harvester.