SIMA 2019 – Pöttinger fejlesztések (angol)


A párizsi kiállításon az osztrák cég 4 új fejlesztést mutat be a látogatóknak: az IMPRESS bálázó / csomagoló kombinációt, a NOVACAT CROSS FLOW kasza kombinációt és a TERRADISC 8001 T, ill. 10001 T típusú vontatott rövidtárcsákat.

New for 2019: TERRADISC 8001 T / 10001 T

The specialist in shallow soil preparation

The new Pöttinger TERRADISC 8001 T and 10001 T with working widths of 8 and 10 metres guarantee blockage-free incorporation of harvest residues and reliable operation in different operating conditions even with high levels of straw and mulch. High reliability in combination with working speeds of up to 18 kph ensures the enormous output of the new TERRADISC. The uniform, shallow working depth and optimum packing effect produces a perfect seedbed. The compact design, aggressive disc angle and offset configuration of the tools ensure reliable penetration and excellent mixing in of soil and vegetation even in dry conditions. The short construction is a key feature of Pöttinger compact disc harrows. On the TERRADISC, you have a choice of working depths between 5 and 15 cm for the best site-specific soil cultivation.

Perfect working results with the TWIN ARM system

A uniform surface finish with the best mixing performance meets farmer’s and contractor’s expectations in the field. To achieve this Pöttinger has optimised the geometry, size, mounting angle and penetration angle of the discs. Two solid forged carrier arms are welded to a very wide clamping bracket. This ensures that the discs always retain their position and angle. Even in heavy soil or with stones, it is impossible for them to deviate to the side – hard wheel marks are broken up consistently. The central and hydraulic working depth setting with jockey wheels (optional on 8001 T, standard on 10001 T) is convenient and easy to adjust. The result: low draft, perfect penetration, very good ground tracking, the best tilth and incorporation of harvest trash into the soil.


Soil conservation even with a large working width

Soil conservation is also a key issue with the new TERRADISC T: the individual frame sections adapt to the ground contours to provide optimum conservation of the soil. At the headland, the TERRADISC T is raised onto the suspension of the rear roller so its weight is distributed across the whole working width. The trailed TERRADISC is therefore very light on its feet at headlands. As is standard at Pöttinger, the TERRADISC T offers the effective working width as specified. The following rear rollers are available for the TERRADISC: cage roller, pack ring roller, rubber packer roller and tandem CONOROLL.

Despite its large working width, the TERRADISC T is compact during transport: the chassis features an integrated folding and transport system for safe road transport with a transport height of 4.0 m and a transport width of 3.0 m. Air brakes or hydraulic brakes are available.


Preselect functions are used to control the machine as standard, and only three double-acting remotes are required. An ISOBUS compatible control system and load sensing hydraulics are available as an option. For this Pöttinger offers the new EXPERT 75 ISOBUS terminal – a convenient and intuitive single-hand control system with a touchscreen and scroll wheel. The terminal can be used together with all your ISOBUS compatible machines.

TERRADISC 10001 T  For high output

For high output



IMPRESS Baler/Wrapper Combinations:

Outstanding Performance

Pöttinger expands its IMPRESS round baler line with the new baler/wrapper combination. The new models combine all the features of the IMPRESS range with a wrapping system with fully automatic settings, thereby enabling high-speed baling and wrapping. The entirely new high-performance wrapping concept has been specifically devised to match the high technical capacity of the baler. Combined with brief stopping times, this guarantees maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness. In addition, the wrapper is extremely versatile: it can be adapted to the ideal film size according to bale diameter (from 1.10 m to 1.50 m). This means that the bale can be wrapped immediately after compaction which has a positive effect on the quality of the silage. Two tasks (baling and wrapping) can be performed in a single pass.

The baler/wrapper combination is available as a fixed-chamber baler (IMPRESS 125 FC PRO) and a variable round baler (IMPRESS 155 VC PRO). It is operated directly from the terminal (POWER CONTROL or ISOBUS). All functions can run automatically or can be controlled directly from the control panel on the tractor. The operator can choose between automatic and manual operation. A “double bale placing” mode for hay and straw (for continuous loading) is also available. Rear control panel for easy maintenance.

The wrapper in focus

The wrapping arms on the compact wrapping unit take the bale from below and move upwards, a unique technical concept ideally designed to meet the requirements of the high-capacity baler. A further advantage of the system is its low height. The double-wrapping arm works at 36 rpm. The film stretching unit is easily adjusted by “switching” the drive chain for 50 per cent or 70 per cent stretch. Bales are safely transferred to the wrapping table by a transfer unit that moves linearly. With this concept, bales can safely be placed even on gradients of up to 40 per cent.

Replacing the film is fast and easy thanks to the hydraulically folding-down film magazine (6 x 2 rolls in the protected area behind the cladding). The machine also features a film tear monitor.

FLEXCUT 32 – retractable short-chop chopping unit

The baler/wrapper combination is also fitted with the “FLEXCUT 32” retractable short-chop chopping unit consisting of 32 TWINBLADE reversible knives with the NONSTOP individual knife protection system and a theoretical chopping length of 36 mm along the entire width. The shorter chop length enables higher compression of the crop and thus higher bale density. This reduces transport and storage costs since less storage space and handling are required.

Furthermore, the consistent short chop length guarantees a homogeneous composition of silage. This benefits fermentation stability. In addition, less work is required at the feed mixer wagon and opening the bales is considerably easier.

LIFTUP Rotor – A technical revolution sets new standards

As with the solo machines, the baler/wrapper combinations also feature the tried and tested LIFTUP rotor. Thanks to the patented spiral configuration of the rotor tines, the forage enters the bale chamber across the whole width and tangentially (at an ideal angle). The result is a high intake capacity that translates into high baling performance with very low disintegration losses; in other words, a highly efficient forage flow. In addition, any material that does fall through is fed back into the flow by the cleaning rotor. A unique design that has provided an efficient solution to the problem of disintegration of crop material by means of a higher number of knives. Furthermore, material is fed into the bale chamber more evenly and over a broad width. This greatly reduces any left/right steering correction needed to produce perfectly shaped bales. On the other hand, the bale always starts formation in any situation.

The combination of the LIFTUP rotor and the EASY MOVE retractable knife bank ensures unique ease of maintenance of the chopping unit: maintenance can be performed ergonomically in the standing position and outside the hazardous vicinity of the round baler. It is no longer necessary to “climb” into the bale chamber. Maximum safety is thus guaranteed.

IMPRESS with the fully automatic adjustable wrapping system

IMPRESS with the fully automatic adjustable wrapping system