Pöttinger TOP 962 C: tiszta teljesítmény (angol)


The new Pöttinger TOP 962 C centre-swath rake is the high output and cost-effective alternative to 4-rotor rakes. With a working width of 8.9 to 9.6 m and a large rotor diameter of 4.3 m, the new TOP is designed to deliver maximum performance.

Mounting is straightforward using a yoke that allows a turning angle of 73 degrees and features a turning angle indicator. The headstock is kept tidy thanks to a practical PTO shaft holder and hydraulic hose boom. The rotors are protected individually against overloading and a freewheel is integrated as standard into the splitter gearbox.

The TOP 962 C features a 6-wheel chassis with tandem axles to provide the best possible ground tracking and smooth running. The slant of the tines can be adjusted using offset bolts: the tines can be set around 1.5 cm deeper towards the swath formation point. Perfect raking performance is guaranteed as a result.

The optional MULTITAST jockey wheel is easy to fit and remove and can also be retrofitted.

Proven TOPTECH PLUS rotor unit

The proven TOPTECH PLUS rotors with a rotor diameter of 4.30 metres and 15 tine arms per rotor offer many advantages. The large diameter cam track without steep inclines ensures precise tine control and provides the tine arms with maximum strength and minimum stress on the arm bearings. The tine arms are easy to replace using just two bolts. If a collision should occur, a damaged tine arm can easily be removed and replaced. This is another positive contribution to ensuring the reliability of the machine. The cam track can be adjusted according to changing forage volumes and harvesting conditions. The rotor gearbox unit is extremely rugged with its gears submerged in semi-liquid grease and completely sealed to keep out dust. A large diameter gear wheel guarantees smooth running and a long service life. The complete system is fully encapsulated and sealed to keep out dust. The new rotor unit guarantees great output, strength and reliability at the same time as ease of maintenance.

Quick and safe from one field to the next

The rotors are lowered hydraulically after folding for transport. Removing four of the tine arms brings the transport height to below 4 metres. The rotors can be hydraulically shifted 60 cm upwards if an obstacle is encountered. Thanks to the steered chassis with axle steering, the rake follows the tractor exactly and is extremely manoeuvrable. The chassis features maintenance-free steering linkage joints. The 2.9 m wide chassis frame provides the highest stability even on slopes. As standard, the TOP 962 C is supplied with 340/55-16 tyres, with 380/55-17 tyres available as an option. Large lights and fenders are standard equipment.

Convenient operation

The straightforward hydraulic control system provides complete flexibility in the field. The rotors are raised and folded using a single-acting hydraulic connection. The lifting clearance at headlands can be adjusted and is limited by a valve. The rotors can then be retracted using a double-acting remote valve and the transport interlock then engages automatically. Individual rotor lifting is available as an option and this feature is activated using a button on the control terminal. The working width can be adjusted using a double-acting spool valve and the swath width can be varied between 1.3 and 2.0 metres. A display comfortably within the driver’s field of vision indicates the current working width as well as the height setting.

Photo preview:

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